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Lonely Hearts Club
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All you need is love, love is all you need!

This site dedicated to Beatles, love, cool matchmaking,
friendship between USA and Russia and everybody
on our Earth who won't be all alone!
Clubs for writers, gamers, chess-lovers, musicians, big biz tycoons.
Best love, job and happyness searching systems in the world!
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All we need is love...

Welcome to the Lonely Hearts Club!

Dear friends! Lonely Hearts Club the one and only place in Internet where you can get your real match and find out your fate.

This site dedicated to Beatles, love, cool matchmaking, friendship between USA and Russia and everybody on our Earth who won't be all alone! You are welcome to visit sections for writers, gamers, chess-lovers, musicians, big biz tycoons.

You will know what russians really think about USA, and, vice versa, what americans think about Russia.

So, welcome to the Lonely Hearts Club! Get enjoy!

heart Matchmaking World - Lonely Hearts Club presents powerful matchmaking systems. There are many matchmaking sections in Lonely Hearts Club: for big biz tycoons, international, inside USA, section for seekers of pretty brides in Russia. Welcome to the Matchmaking World!

heart View our members! - Heart-To-Heart Club Classifieds (Matchmaking, Pictures, Humor, Photos!)

heart Beatles Fans Page - Welcome all Beatles lovers as well as all lovers of good music.

heart Magical Mystery Tour! - You will enjoy real travels around the globe and virtual tours in time machine.

heart Horoscopes. Astrology. - Discover yourself, your soul mate and your perfect job with Personalized Astrology Reports, delivered instantly online. Personal Profile. FREE Sample Personal Astrology Profile. Karma & Past Lives. Destiny Shop. Advanced Astrology.

heart Russian section - If you love Russia and russians and if you know russian language please visit Russian section of the Lonely Hearts Club.

heart Gamers Virtual World - Roll up, roll up, Magical Mystery Tour is dying to take you away! Our main rule is newcomer always wins! Play and win! My dear friends, gamers and webmasters, let's come together to the Gamers Virtual World. Great bonuses for newcomers!

heart 100 dollars Contests with money prizes - The club pays money to the most active visitors! This money will be paid as prizes to the winners of different competitions. Contests include such fields of activity: literature, music, business, chess, tetris, other games. Motto of the Club: the Club provides information for a visitor and the Club pays a visitor money!

heart Job Seekers Club - Jobs in USA and around the world. Best job searching system in the world.

heart Searching online - Are you looking for love, money, jobs online? It's easy. Welcome to the searching page.

heart Get up your own site! - Information about hosting. What is hosting? What is good hosting? How to register domain name? How to start business online? Make your site with a little help from Lonely Hearts Club. How and where to find out best hosting website provider. World Hosting News.

heart Webmaster! - How about to Exchange Links with Lonely Hearts Club? Let's cooperate!

heart Email - drop a message to the Lonely Hearts Club! Thanks!

heart Last News - from the Lonely Hearts Club, from USA, from Russia and other world.

heart Books - from the Lonely Hearts Club. Some books the Club gives away free!

heart Wellness - Health and Beauty. Skin, hair, body care. Be pretty and happy with a little help from the Lonely Hearts Club!

heart Inkjet Cartridges Portal - of the Lonely Hearts Club. Sometimes the Club gives away free Inkjet Cartridges.

heart Financial Portal - of the Lonely Hearts Club. Tax preparation, home adviser, home improvement, debt consolidation loans, money transfer services, cash advance loans with no credit checks, mortgages, long term care insurance and more!

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The Queen of Beauty
ugly old woman?

Someone see here a queen, someone just a ugly old woman... You have to set up right point of view.

There are no ugly ladies in the world!
All women are the queens of beauty,
And a real gentleman always choose
The right position for ... viewing. ;-)

And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make...

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A Lonely Heart...
Right Love
Right rules...
A Lonely Rose...

Thank you for visit! I wish you great success in love and business!
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Lonely Hearts Club
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Heart. Lonely heart. Сердце. Одинокое сердце.

in the cold universe...
в холодной вселенной...

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